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  • Grant Thornton Bulgaria is part of Grant Thornton International, one of the major accounting and financial consulting companies

    These companies provide a variety of consulting services in more than 520 offices located in 110 different countries throughout the world. Although Grant Thornton International does not own the company offices world-wide, all firms under the supervision of Grant Thornton International are duly devoted to providing high quality services to all clients in the conduct of their business.

    For years, we not only provide operating and strategic business advisory but we also communicate with management of our clients in order to better understand the business environment and the problems they have encountered. Therefore, we provide a qualified, independent opinion based on innovative and original solutions in order to assist our clients in fulfilling their goals. Many of our clients have succeeded in completing their strategic growth due to our services and advisory.

    Employees at Grant Thornton Bulgaria realize that their liabilities to the company are related not only to understanding how company's activities impact the community but also to managing these activities in a way that is beneficial to all interested parties.

    As a leading company providing professional services and a company strongly devoted to its employees, Grant Thornton Bulgaria emphasizes on its services and internal relations. Due to our competent and decisive management of these spheres, Grant Thornton Bulgaria has created and continues to enhance its reputation and constantly increases its financial results.

    Grant Thornton Bulgaria, as a reliable partner, is completely devoted to enhancing and improving its corporative liabilities placing them as the basis of its operating activity and at the same time makes them part of the company policies and values. To achieve its corporative strategy, the company has created a team of leaders consisting of managers, other company members and the managing partner of Grant Thornton Bulgaria. Our personnel will lay the grounds of the company development and will be the source of innovative and original strategies to embrace our corporative philosophy including all our offices and employees.