Assurance Engagements

At Grant Thornton, our Audit approach is much more than just a typical procedure it is a means to identify problems and most importantly to find solutions.

Grant Thornton's audit approach is business- oriented. It focuses on an understanding of the client's business rather than on knowledge of the accounting system and records, on which auditors had traditionally concentrated in the past.

This business - oriented approach is reflected in several ways:

  • The audit focuses on the company itself rather the financial statements alone.
  • Using our knowledge of the business and taking into account other services we provide, we determine the appropriate audit procedures and sources of audit evidence.
  • Using information we obtained while providing other services to the client in the past, we are able to offer valuable advice to the client's management.

While servicing our clients, we get to gather information about the business, its owners, management, and their goals and aspirations. However the source of our knowledge of the business is not solely based on our audit procedures, but also on the ongoing contact of our partners and staff with the client as well as their alertness to developments affecting the client's industry, location or size of business.

By focusing on the client's business we are able to perform a more efficient audit as well as to make recommendations to the client. A key objective is for clients to view our audit as an active value - added tool intended to help the growth and development of their business, rather than as a passive function.