Business Advisory

No matter what accounting support may mean for your business at Grant Thornton we can provide it accurately, effectively and consistently.

General Accounting

  • Research, organization and initial establishment of accounting departments.
  • Reorganisation (applying contemporary methods) of accounting systems information technology.
  • Adjustment of the Chart of Accounts to the needs of every company.
  • Compliance with the International Accounting Standards.
  • Introduction of EURO.
  • Reporting Systems, short-term operating results.
  • Financial indices, financial analyses.

Cost Accounting

  • Allocation of the company's operations.
  • ABC costing.
  • Reports to the company's management on the cost of operations and activities.

Corporate Taxation Issues

  • Tax law compliance.
  • Control system for taxation obligations.
  • Tax consulting services.
  • Preparation and conducting of tax audits.
  • Fiscal representations.

Labor relations - Payroll issues

  • Consulting services with regards to labor legislation.
  • Payroll services.


  • Organization of seminars addressed to accounting department personnel with regards to accounting, taxation, labor and IT issues.