International Tax

Grant Thornton's taxation team is made up of qualified executives who are always in close association with the client to deal with his taxation cases on time and effectively.

Tax advisory

  • V.A.T., Corporate and Personal Income Taxation
  • Stock transfer, and capital gains
  • Conventions for the avoidance of double taxation, etc.

Tax planning

The need for planning and prevention of taxation consequences essential for a modern business. Many administrative decisions can depend on the taxation consequences. Taxation planning can bring in great advantages to the company's cash flows and its shareholders.

Related issues:

  • Tax planning for investments in fixed assets
  • Tax treatment of contracts of banks and capital market
  • Tax planning for dividends, interest and royalties
  • Issues regarding charges among affiliated companies

Concerning individuals by offering tax planning and tax services, everyone can have multiple liquidity advantages when trusting our qualified experts.

Related issues:

  • Property transfer and real estate taxes
  • Gift and inheritance taxation
  • International executive taxation (expatriates)

Tax planning for acquisitions and mergers

The complexity that is found at acquisitions and mergers also includes tax matters that require tax planning. Grant Thornton's tax department undertakes the appropriate tax planning to support such acquisitions and mergers.

Tax reviews

The review of a company's tax liabilities gives at the company a view of its compliance with taxation laws. It is a precautionary action aiming to face small or big taxation problems that during everyday workload are not visible to executives in charge.

Related issues:

  • Preparation or audit of tax returns
  • Consultation in the event of inspection by the tax authorities

Transfer pricing

  • Preparation of a transfer pricing documentation files which include:
  • Business analysis
  • Functional analysis
  • Characteristics of transactions and choice of method
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Economic analysis
  • Conclusions
  • Cover letter on risks and opportunities

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